Christmas Tree Market

November 14th - December 24th

Mon-Thurs:   9am-6pm

Fri-Sun:         9am-5pm

Christmas Eve: 9am-3pm


Bring the priceless pine fragrance to your home for the Holiday Season with a fresh cut Christmas Tree! Every year, we receive a delivery of premium trees from the Northern Woods of Wisconsin.

We have a variety of Balsam, Canaan, and Fraser Fir available. Sizes vary from 6' to 12'.

Balsam Fir

An old fashioned Christmas classic. Balsam Firs feature short, flat, long lasting needles that are green with a silvery cast.

Balsam Firs have stiff boughs for hanging larger ornaments and have great fragrance.

Canaan Fir

is a slightly tapered, but full tree. The branches are thick and sturdy, but still leave enough room to hang ornaments and lights closer to the center of the tree. The Canaan Fir is considered to be one of the best choices for freshness and needle retention.

Fraser Fir

Fraser Firs grow into the perfect Christmas tree. Characterized by short, flat, dark green needles with a silver underside. Fraser Firs have great scent and needle retention. The pyramid shape and strong branches support heavy ornaments. 

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