Spring Blooming Perennials

May 17, 2019

Add bold color to your garden to start Spring strong! There are several perennials to choose from that grow with colorful blooms this time of year. 


Armeria 'Bloodstone'

  • Grows up to 8" tall and 18" wide in clump form in sun to part shade.

  • Blooms in May to June with nice green foliage.

Other varieties we have: Armeria 'Rubrifolia'


Salvia 'Sweet Petite'

  • Grows up to 16" tall and 22" wide in full sun. 

  • Great pollinator plant. Blooms in June

Other varieties we have: Salvia pratensis, Salvia nemorosa, Salvia verticallata, Salvia sylvestris


Geum 'Mai Tai'

  • Grows up to 14" tall and 14" wide in clump form in sun to part shade.

  • Blooms in May to June with beautiful red stems.

Other varieties we have: Geum 'Tequila Sunrise', Geum 'Totally Tangerine', Geum triflorum


Creeping Phlox 'Sherwood Purple'

  • Grows up to 10" tall and 18" wide in sun to part shade.

  • Spreads fast, great groundcover plant that blooms in May.

Other varieties we have: Phlox paniculata, Phlox stolonifera, Phlox subulata, Phlox carolina, Phlox divaricata


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