Spring Planter DIY

April 17, 2019


Creating your own Spring planters could be intimidating, but with these basic steps you can create a planter for every season!


There are 3 main  components of designing with plants in a planter to follow:

 - THRILLER: The thriller is the focal point of the design. It may be the brightest color, or a really unique foliage. 


- FILLER: The filler is the material used to  fill in the space between the others  and cover soil. 


- SPILLER: The spiller is anything that spills over the side of the container.



Begin by laying out your flowers in the pot while they are still in containers. This gives you the chance to switch out or re-arrange the flowers before you plant them.

Next, plant the bigger flowers where they will best stand out. 

Once all the main flowers are in place, plant the filler foliage and other materials you may be using.

Last but not least, put the finishing touches to your planter to make it one of a kind!



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