Sow Your Own Seeds

April 9, 2019

 Prepare your potting soil by making sure it is nice and moist. Once it is damp enough, add to your trays.

 Follow the instructions on your seed packets for depth of planting. Label your rows with name and date with a waterproof marker.

 Once all planted, mist your trays generously, cover with tray tops or plastic, and place in a warm spot. To accelerate growth, warm from below, too. 

 Remove top once you see growth beginning. 

Keep soil moist with a recycled spray container

and keep in a well lit spot.

Transplant your germinating seedlings by grabbing from the leaflets and not the stem. They can be transplanted in either individual pots, or a larger divided tray.

 Once the seedlings have grown to a good size, bring your trays outdoors to acclimate to weather. Gradually transfer into your prepared flower beds.


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