Sow Your Seeds Now!

April 2, 2019

Blumen Gardens is known for it's beautiful combination of larkspur and poppies on the garden grounds in the spring. These annuals that are very easy to grow from seeds, and now is the time to sow in your garden!

Poppy & larkspur seeds germinate best in cool, well-draining soils in a full-sun location. Enjoy in bloom by late spring to early summer.

Rake the top two inches of soil to ensure it's loose and crumbly after amending. Sprinkle the seed mixture over the bed evenly. Sow approximately one seed per square inch of bed. Cover the seeds with a one-eighth-inch layer of loose soil to prevent seeds from moving.

 Mist the bed with water daily or as needed so the soil remains moist near the surface. Larkspur germinates within two weeks when soil is near 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Poppies typically germinate within 15 days if the soil temperature is near 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


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